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our boldest BAKKIE yet.


DYNAMIC performance

intelligent SAFETY

audacious styling

superior comfort

advanced automotive tech

the all new D-MAX

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Desert Orange

our boldest bakkie yet.

The all-new ISUZU D-MAX Double Cab range offers 12 new models built to conquer whatever the wilderness or urban jungle throws your way. Each ISUZU D-MAX Double Cab bakkie is forged from decades’ experience manufacturing locally-engineered bakkies that deliver durability, reliability, and capability. Now with a BOLD new approach, ISUZU D-MAX Double Cabs feature the latest in automotive design, technology, comfort, and safety. You’ll travel a long way to find a better bakkie.




With a choice of a 1.9- or 3.0-litre turbo-charged diesel engine under the hood, ISUZU D-MAX Double Cab bakkies boast more than enough power to conquer mountain passes and urban jungles. Whether your next BOLD adventure is a weekend offroading, a road-tripping family holiday or navigating school drop-off and pick-up, an ISUZU D-MAX Double Cab will take you there.


bold is REFINED

The all-new ISUZU D-MAX Double Cab features sleek and aggressive front and rear fascias for a strikingly distinctive silhouette. The bigger-than-ever grille and signature dragon eye motif of the front lights will keep you looking back after you’ve parked. Minimised panel gaps and an integrated two-step rear bumper that seamlessly flows into the body round off the upmarket, sporty look of the all-new ISUZU D-MAX Double Cab. Exclusive features such as aero sports bars add a confident expression of style.


Get behind the wheel of your isuzu D-MAx DOUBLE CAB


bold is innovative

Advanced automotive technology is featured throughout the all-new ISUZU D-MAX Double Cab bakkie range, keeping drivers and passengers connected, entertained and safe.

The ISUZU Infotainment System from LS trim-level upwards comes with a 7- or class-leading 9-inch high definition WXGA display, technology usually seen in wide-screen LCD TVs and projectors.

The full functionality of your smart phone, including navigation, integrates into the Infotainment System, thanks to wireless Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto compatibility. Access to system features is guaranteed with continuous connectivity delivered by in-vehicle Wi-Fi.

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bold is secure

The display cluster in the ISUZU D-MAX Double Cab, with exclusive digital gauge design, is linked to the Infotainment System to communicate driver-critical detail while reducing eye movement. As a result, the driver can perform regular safety checks without turning around.

Whether you drive on the street or off-road, our unique ISUZU Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) in LSE and V-CROSS models monitors the surrounding environment for danger. Intuitive active alerts and passive safety features ensure that you are always secure.

The Remote Engine Start comes standard on the ISUZU D-MAX LSE and V-CROSS, it allows you to start your engine without using the ignition key within 20 meter ranges while your engine idles for 10min.

Rear View Camera

Parking Sensors

Blind Spot Monitor

Autonomous Emergency Braking

Lane Keep Assist



Driving comfort has been elevated across the new ISUZU D-MAX Double Cab range. The bakkies are bigger and more spacious, with the wheelbase 30mm longer to optimise cabin structure. With smart, sophisticated cabins and luxury ambience, you’ll be forgiven for thinking that you’re driving a high-end passenger car, rather than a bakkie.



Throughout the all-new D-MAX Double Cab range, ergonomics have been enhanced for all frequently-used functions. For example, the centre console between the front seats is higher and wider, making gear shifting easier.


Dual-zone climate control

Improved interior

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Get behind the wheel of your isuzu d-max DOUBLE CAB