Get An Extensive Vehicle Service Plan | Take Care Of Your ISUZU

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Take care of your isuzu

Your Isuzu is designed and tested to provide you with years of trouble-free driving, but every car needs regular check-ups to keep it in top condition.

Whether your vehicle has a service plan or not, it is important to adhere to recommended service intervals within 2,000km or three months on either side of the interval. The service schedules below detail exactly what we inspect and/or replace at every service.

Remember, only Isuzu dealerships offer genuine parts, competitive rates for low cost of ownership, factory-trained technicians, specialised tools, and custom diagnostic equipment.


when to service

  • Failing to have your ISUZU serviced and inspected for corrosion within the stipulated service interval may invalidate your Warranty.
  • We recommend that you always service and repair your vehicle at an ISUZU Dealership or authorised body repairer throughout its lifespan.

Service Schedules

your complete service plan



Standard vehicle services specified in the applicable Service Schedules are offered to customers free of charge for the duration or mileage of the plan, whichever occurs first.

  • All "R - Replace" items as per the Service Schedule
  • Consumables
  • Parts and labour to conduct the service
  • Lubricants and coolant

excluded from your SERVICE PLAN:

  • Items not covered by Isuzu Warranty
  • Friction components such as brake pads, brake disks, and clutches
  • Shocks
  • Exhaust systems
  • Bulbs, headlamps, tail bulbs
  • Tyres, wheel alignment, wheel balancing and puncture repairs
  • Any accident or impact damage and rust repairs (standard Corrosion Warranty applies)
  • Telephone kits and related accessories fitted to the vehicle
  • Vehicle tracking, anti-hijacking or similar devices
  • Rust inspection and rust prevention treatments
  • Paint, trim and upholstery repairs, cleaning and preservation treatments
  • Any cleaning and valet services
  • Fuel, top-up fluids, and any fuel or oil additives
  • Windscreens, windows, headlights, tail-lights, lenses, and other plastic or glass on the vehicle
  • Any item or part missing from the vehicle
  • Repairs to the vehicle resulting from driver or owner error, negligence, and misuse
  • Repairs arising from the driver or owner failing to comply with the obligations and warranties of the plan, including repairs required as a result of not servicing the vehicle within the specified intervals
  • Servicing at unauthorised Isuzu retailers
  • Replacement or upgrading of any CD-ROM, specifically, but not limited to, those related to satellite navigation systems
  • Damaged wheels
  • Repairs related to modifications, tuning, upgrading and all aftermarket accessories
  • Chip repair on body or trim